ICBC Appealing Mussio Goodman Victory to Supreme Court of Canada

Posted on by Mussio Goodman

Mussio Goodman Achieves Victory in Supreme Court of Canada

The British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled in our client’s favour, overturning the lower court’s decision and prohibiting ICBC from relying on a zipline waiver to deny compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident.

ICBC has since sought leave to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa.

ICBC’s argument is that the decision was wrong and has implications across the country.

We have argued in response that the Court of Appeal decision was properly decided, and that the issue specifically pertains to British Columbian legislation (the Insurance (Vehicle) Act), and therefore the highest Court in the land need not intervene.

Should the Supreme Court of Canada grant leave to ICBC, the hearing will likely take place in early 2015.