ICBC Insurance Breaches


Chapter Eleven: ICBC Insurance Breaches

ICBC is supposed to be a universal insurance policy for everyone in British Columbia, but it is a company and tends to view its bottom line over people injured in car accidents. In the past decade,

ICBC has greatly increased its frequency of breaching motorists of their contact with insurance and instead instructing them to pay the company.

Learn their beaches like denying insurance in drinking and driving cases, principal operator breach, insurance rating breach, suing for insurance coverage, third party notice and more on in the “ICBC Insurance Breaches” section under the “General Legal Issues”, “ICBC Defence Tactics” and “Heads of Damages” sections.

More Information: Failure to Register Every Possible Driver with ICBC Could Result in a Breach of Contract

The Ins and Outs of An ICBC Independent Medical Examination

What Happens if I Do Not Disclose Potential Drivers on My Insurance?

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