Dealing with your Lawyer

Chapter Eight: Dealing with your Lawyer against ICBC

Hiring a lawyer for your ICBC claim gives you an advantage as they have expertise in handling ICBC. Working with a lawyer can be stressful for those who have never had a lawyer. However, hiring a lawyer will allow you to obtain compensation and ICBC benefits that you may not have know were available. ICBC adjuster tend to hide eligible compensation benefits from claimants who are not represented by their own lawyer.

On, the website gives advise as to when to hire a lawyer, initial meeting with a lawyer, paying your lawyer, firing your lawyer, being fired by your lawyer, disputing your lawyer’s bill, appointment of defense lawyers, law firms doing ICBC’s work and more in the “Dealing with your Lawyer” section under the “Dealing with Doctors and Therapists” section.

What to Look For In A Personal Injury Lawyer

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