Disability Claim Denials

Disability insurance claims are made after an injury or illness impacts your ability to work. After purchasing insurance, you are expecting the insurance company to be your “safety net” in times of need, providing you the benefits and services you have agreed upon. However, since an insurance company’s objective is to make money, paying out on claims is not always in their best interests.

As a result, individuals who purchase valid coverage often find themselves in situations where their long-term disability claims are denied, or are under constant “investigation”. Instead of receiving a safety net of stability, they get tangled in stress and conflict.

The lawyers at Mussio Goodman have the experience, expertise and resources to help. 

Common reasons insurance companies like Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sunlife, Desjardins and BC Life deny claims:

  1. They don’t believe you are “totally disabled” or say you can do similar work
  2. They tell you there is insufficient medical documentation proving disability
  3. The insurance adjuster is not experienced enough to understand your claim
  4. They inform you that they have conducted surveillance on you
  5. The disability is “invisible” such as a mental disorder or a brain injury

ICBC Temporary Total Disability Benefits (“TTD”)

ICBC is also required to pay TTD benefits to an injured person if they are eligible.  To qualify for TTD benefits:

  • you must be unable to work in their job within the initial 20 days after the motor vehicle accident
  • your inability to work must be due to the motor vehicle accident as confirmed by a treating doctor
  • you must have either been actively employed at the time of the motor vehicle accident or must have worked at least 6 months of the preceding year before the motor vehicle accident

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      No Charges, No Expenses. No Fees Unless We Win.

      We handle every aspect of your disability claim, and unlike other firms, we do the work without any upfront fees.

      Our fees are collected only as a percentage of your eventual settlement. This means we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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      We Never Act For Insurance Companies. We Only Act For You.

      Many injury lawyers supplement their practice by acting for insurance companies as well. The result is a potential conflict, and clients may be left wondering whether their lawyer avoided a fight out of fear of losing business on other files.

      We never act for insurance companies. We are dedicated solely to helping injured claimants receive the compensation they deserve.

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      We Fight To Maximize Your Settlement Before Trial.

      We recognize that most clients do not want to go to court. A trial can be stressful and uncertain, that is why we work hard to recover the largest amount possible through the settlement process.

      However, with our commitment and record of success, we will not hesitate to go to court if a fair settlement is out of reach.

      98% of cases settle, and going to court is always the client’s decision. But, with our commitment and record of success, we will not hesitate to go to court if a fair settlement is out of reach.

      A recent claim we took to trial, as reported by the Vancouver Sun.

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      Your Health Is As Important As Any Financial Award.

      Not only do we handle your entire claim so you can focus on getting better, but we also connect you with leading medical doctors and rehabilitation facilities.

      With our decades of experience, we’ve established relationships that ensure you receive the best expert opinions and medical care.

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