Our Difference

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    No Charges, No Expenses. No Fees Unless We Win.

    If you’ve been injured or denied disability coverage, we handle every aspect of your injury claim, from filling out the initial claim forms on your behalf, to ensuring that you’re reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses.

    Unlike other firms, we do so without any upfront fees, and at no extra charge to you. Our fees are collected only as a percentage of your eventual settlement.

    This means we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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    We Never Act For Insurance Companies. We Only Act For You.

    Many injury lawyers supplement their practice by acting for insurance companies as well. The result is a potential conflict, and clients may be left wondering whether their lawyer avoided a fight out of fear of losing the insurer’s business on other files.

    At Mussio Goodman, we never act for insurance companies. We are dedicated solely to helping injured and disabled clients receive the compensation they deserve.

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    We Fight To Maximize Your Settlement Before Trial.

    We recognize that most clients do not want to go to court.

    A trial can be a stressful and uncertain event, and that is why we work hard to recover the largest amount possible through the settlement process.

    However, with our commitment and record of success, we will not hesitate to take your claim to a judge or jury if a reasonable settlement is out of reach.

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    Your Health Is As Important As Any Financial Award.

    Not only do we handle your entire injury claim so you can focus on getting better, but we also connect you with leading medical doctors and rehabilitation facilities.

    With our 35 years of experience, we’ve come to establish the relationships that ensure you receive the most comprehensive and timely expert opinions and medical care.

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