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Karol Suprynowicz


Karol is a skillful litigator with a record of success at every level of dispute resolution in British Columbia, including the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Residential Tenancy Branch, and the Employment Standards Tribunal. 


His practice includes a variety of areas with a focus on civil litigation. He handles claims with respect to personal injury, contractual disputes, estate issues, employment matters, and product liability amongst many others. 


Karol is passionate about advocating for the rights of his clients, while taking care to accommodate the personal conflict many clients experience in cases involving family members or employers.


Karol regularly represents his clients in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. His recent successful cases include Morgan v. Ziggiotti where our client was awarded $753,726, and Debruyn v. Kim where our client was awarded $380,375. 

Karol is also a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia. In his spare time, he enjoys playing hockey, golf, and cheering on his hometown Vancouver Canucks.